Audata Digital Prizes

Buy, award, and deliver digital prizes from leading retailers easily & automatically.

Keep your audience engaged (and feeling the love) while they’re stuck at home.

With reduced promotions budgets, a remote workforce, and few or no reception hours, we know things are definitely not “business as usual” for radio. To help our customers continue to engage and support their fans during these unprecedented times, Audata is introducing Digital Prizes.

100% Digital. Zero Contact.

Award Digital Prizes via Audata the same way you would any other prize. We automatically purchase the prize on your behalf and electronically distribute it to your winner (with your branding). Reception hours not required.

Over 100+ Providers

There’s something for everyone with over 100 providers (currently Australia only), including everyday staples like Woolworths and Caltex, and the stay-home-essentials like Netflix and UberEats.

Simple Billing

Add funds to your Digital Prizes account in one hit, so there’s only one invoice to process. Once you’ve topped up your account, you’re ready to start awarding & distributing digital prizes from any of our supported providers.

Dedicated Support

The Audata Promo team are here to help get you up and running with Digital Prizes, and answer any questions you have along the way. You can access our Support team by phone, email, SMS, live chat, Twitter, and more.

Get Started

Contact Audata Support to enable Digital Prizing for your existing Audata account.
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