Community Licences

Support for community, educational and non-profit broadcasting.

We love radio, and we deeply believe the quality of the biggest commercial radio stations in the world is profoundly affected by accessibility to community broadcasting and the resources that these broadcasters can access.

Community Discounts

To support community, educational, and not-for-profit broadcasters, Audata is proud to offer our products and services at a discounted rate (or in some cases, for free), to these organisations, through our Community Licence program.

Audata software is used by many of the largest media businesses in the world, and we want to offer the same tools to community broadcasters to help them succeed in an incredibly challenging media landscape, as well as in the interest of equipping new talent with the skills to succeed when they move into the commercial radio environment.

We offer two different Community Licence programs.

Community Licence

For recognised and registered not-for-profit broadcasters, Audata products and services may be available with a fixed 20% discount. This is at our discretion and subject to some terms, but we are generally able to offer this discount broadly to any community-focused or NFP broadcaster. Contact us to find out whether you may qualify.

Educational Licence

Audata products are used by some of the worlds most respected commercial radio stations, and we want to help the radio stars of the future train on these same tools. For recognised educational organisations, and student radio stations, Audata products may be available for free, for life.

In some cases where you may not qualify for a free educational licence, you may still be entitled to our community discount. Please get in touch with us to find out whether you qualify and how we can help bring Audata to your organisation.