Audata helps media businesses & content creators connect with their audience on a new level.

We're a tech startup based in the incredible city of Melbourne, Australia, though we have customers all over the world. We created Audata to help media organisations work smarter and deliver better, more engaging, data-centric experiences for their audiences.
The brands we work with range from boutique content creators through to publicly traded media enterprises, and everything in between. But no matter what the customer, our attitude is the same: you're at the core of everything we do.

Our Values

The DNA of our company which guide everything we do.
Be Customer Obsessed

The customer is at the centre of everything we do. Not the organisation, but the humans in those businesses. First and foremost, the end users of our products.

Do Good Shit

We want to do good work, have a good impact on the world, and generally be a good company. It’s about putting in effort, using our best judgement, and doing the right thing.

Invent & Innovate

We’re in the innovation business, not the software business. Staying ahead of the curve gives us our edge, so we need to be continuously and aggressively innovating.

Be Open & Connected

Good business, like good technology, is open & connected. Innovation thrives in collaborative environments where ideas can frequently & openly collide.

Be Un-Corporate

We try to be as human as possible while still being a responsible, for-profit business. We try to do away with tired corporate cliches & vernacular.

Earn & Value Trust

The trust of our customers to store & protect their sensitive data is our most important asset. We work hard to earn that trust and we don’t take it for granted.

Do More With Less

We’re small, lean, and agile. This gives us a natural ability to achieve more with fewer resources. Constraints breed resourcefulness & invention.

Leadership Team

Meet our Board of Directors.

Keegan Bakker


Keegan is the co-founder of Audata and has over 12 years experience in broadcast radio and 6 years working with tech startups.

Jeigar Hynes

Director & Sales Manager

Jeigar is a co-founder of Audata and has vast experience in sales. He has previously worked in media.

Adrian Brine

Non-executive Director

Adrian has a wealth of experience in media and has served as Content Director for some of the largest radio brands in Australia. He serves as a non-executive board member for Audata.